TV Removal

TV Removal

Not sure what to do with that out-dated and large TV?  Is it just sitting there, taking up space in your basement, garage, or other room?  Simple, get that TV removed, quick and easy today!  The experts at Hands Free Junk Removal offer an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly TV removal service that will make the whole process easier for you.

We take any and all sized TVs:
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Tube TVs
  • HD TVs
  • Computer Monitors
  • We also take E-Waste such as computer monitors, printers, audio receivers, and amplifiers.

Helpful Tips on TV Removal:

  • Before you throw away your TV, check the product manual to see if you can fix or upgrade your TV.
  • To get rid of old TVs, look for a recycling program for electronics in your area by visiting your city or county's website.
  • Like many other electronics, televisions contain chemicals that, if not disposed of properly, can harm our health and the environment.  Responsible television disposal, such as professional recycling, is important to prevent such chemicals from being unnecessarily polluting the air and water.
  • Recycling television can also create valuable materials that can be easily reused, such as plastics, glass, copper cables and even precious metals.0

If you want to take your old TV out of your hands, but you don't have the time or resources to take it to the right recycling facility on your own, call Hands Free Junk Removal and let us do the heavy lifting!  Our friendly associates will arrive on time, take the junk our of your residence or place of business, and dispose of it in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

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We also take the following items: