hot tub removal

Hot Tub Removal

Do you have a bulky, heavy, non-functioning hot tub that is taking up space in your space?  Fear not, as the experts at Hands Free Junk Removal are experts in hot tub removal services.

Hot tubs can be challenging to move because they are heavy and bulky.  Considering a 56 sq. ft. hot tub often has a dry weight of 855 lbs, it can be downright impossible for most homeowners to remove on their own.

Not only would you need to find a way to remove the hot tub from the premises, but you will also need to find transportation and a recycling or disposal center that will take the hot tub.

This is where the experts at Hands-Free Junk Removal come in.  We are experts in hot tub removal and will make the process fast, easy, and hands free!


Helpful Tips for Hot Tub Removal

  • Before calling your junk removal expert at Hans Free Junk Removal, ensure that the hot tub is not under warranty or in otherwise fixable condition.
  • Drain the hot tub prior to the Hands Free team arriving on site.

Remember, We Are Here for All Your Junk Removal Needs!

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