Computer and E-Waste Recyling

Computer and E-Waste Recycling and Disposal

Computers and electronics can quickly become outdated and obsolete.  This can cause your garage or storage spaces to become filled to the brim with computers, monitors, power cords, etc that are no longer functioning.  What should you do with all of this e-waste?  Simple, call the junk removal experts at Hands Free Junk Removal for all your computer recycling needs!

We specialize in handling computer and e-waste recycling.  Not only will we come out and remove this junk from your home, but we will look to recycle and re-purpose these materials wherever possible.  Our goal is to help you remove your junk Hands-Free while limiting the negative impact on the environment.

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Computer Recycling FAQs

Can I throw my computer and e-waste in the trash?

Most general waste companies will not let you recycle computers with the other garbage. The reasons for this are that certain computer parts can be hazardous to the environment and will not decompose naturally.

Therefore, you are encouraged to find a computer recycling service to help alleviate the toll on the environment.  At Hands Free Junk Removal, we will work with our donation partners to recycle and re-purpose as many of your items as possible.

How do you reuse and re-purpose my old computers?

Our donation partners work with companies that can and will save and use old computer parts wherever possible.  They will take these computers and electronics through a salvage process to decipher what parts can be used and saved from being disposed of in the landfill.

What is E-waste?

E-waste is a term that encompasses a growing form of waste products; electronics.  When any electronic item, known as e-waste, reaches the end of its life span, it needs to be disposed of just like any other garbage item.

The challenging part with E-waste is that electronics are not easily biodegradable, and in some cases, are unable to biodegrade.  Therefore, it is important that any electronic item be disposed of in the most eco-friendly way possible so as to limit the impact on the environment as a whole.

Some examples of E-waste include:

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • TVs
  • Phones
  • Printers
  • Blu-ray players, DVD players
  • Tablets

The list could go on.  Be sure to be environmentally friendly and recycle your e-waste with an expert like Hands Free Junk Removal!

How much does it cost to recycle my computers and e-waste?

The cost to have your computers and e-waste recycled can differ by location, quantity, job site, etc.  The best way to know the cost is to reach out for your free, no obligation estimate today!  Text or call us at 612-430-2718 today.

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