Office Furniture Removal

Office Furniture Removal

Moving or disposing of office furniture can be a difficult task and for you to have peace of mind throughout the process, you need to hire a reliable junk removal expert.

You can count on the friendly associates at Hands Free Junk Removal for all of your Office Furniture Removal needs.  We specialize in hauling away large items and make the process fast and easy.  

Recycling furniture is not always easy to do on your own, because it means that you have to find the manpower and take care of the transport of your furniture yourself.  At Hands Free Junk Removal, our dedicated junk removal teams work hard so that you can have your items removed, Hands Free!

Helpful Tips on Removing Office Furniture:

  • If the furniture is made of treated wood, harmful chemicals that are used in the treatment process can pollute the soil and water in the surrounding areas.  Whenever possible, we recycle and re-purpose the furniture to help minimize the environmental impact of disposal.  
  • When you recycle furniture made from materials such as untreated wood, plastic, metal, foam or fabric, we work with our donation partners to see if the furniture can be turned into something new.


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