foreclosure cleanout

Foreclosure Cleanout

In most instances, the previous tenants will leave things behind, making the foreclosure cleanout the responsibility of the broker or new buyer who may be planning to sell the property.  These units will have heavy loads of junk that need to be removed, disposed of and recycled. 


Hands Free Junk Removal has trained professionals who have many years of experience in foreclosure concierge services.  We deliver fast, reliable service at reasonable pricing; our goal is to make the foreclosure cleanout process Hands-Free for you!
We provide environmentally friendly foreclosure and clean property sales services by limiting the number of items we bring to landfill sites.  We look to re-purpose and recycle wherever possible.  

Helpful Tips for the Successful Foreclosure Cleanout

  • Once homeowners move out, banks are looking to market the property and sell it as quickly as possible.  It is best to get the foreclosure junk removal process started as soon as possible.  
  • Most foreclosures are littered with garbage and property that homeowners who do not want to transport with them.
  • There must be garbage disposal and junk removal before you can start cleaning properly, but once all the work is done, the lender or property owner can begin showing the property.
 A foreclosure cleanout doesn't have to be a complex and time consuming process.  Call the fast, friendly and reliable associates at Hands Free Junk Removal today!  

Foreclosure Cleanout FAQs

How does the junk removal process work?


  1. You call us for pricing.
  2. Once we agree on pricing, we set up a date.
  3. We come and haul away your junk (yes it's that's simple).

Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote for your project!  We want to help you remove that junk in a fast, timely, and Hands-Free manner!

How much does your junk removal service cost?

Pricing can and will vary based on project size, location, etc.  The best way to know the cost is to call us for a free, no obligation quote.  We'll get you pricing ASAP so that you can decide quickly on how best to move forward.  Reach out today at 612-430-2718.